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Hi You all. First of all I understood that the blogs’ appeal increases when they are written in English. It means that, since now on, my blog (depending on my tiredness) will be written in English. Call it, if you want, a marketing strategy! 🙂

I’m back from Brindisi. The reason for me being there was to see a working Polypropylene Plant exploiting the same technology (Multizone circulating reactor) which is going to be use in the project I’m working on.

Unfortunately the plant will not be built in Brindisi that, actually, is a very nice city and also a relaxing place where to live, or at least it is what I could figure out in a two days stay.

Believe me: I’d prefer to spend one year there more than 6 months in Saudi.
Anyway… the Google Earth picture can give you an idea of what an industrial site is.

Ops… I was forgetting… The reactor (which is the complex right in the center of the picture) is more or less 50 m high. Very, very Huge.

  1. Lorenzo ha detto:

    My dear Checco I really do not understand why you do prefer Brindisi to Saudi Arabia. Look here, for example:

    …can you imagine the excitment of the surprise :)? You do not see what you can get 🙂
    Hope you can go to Poland!

    at least they’re more colorful!

  2. loranablog ha detto:

    CMq Checco, e’ provato che porti sfiga!
    Dopo la metro a Roma e l’ incendio a Roma, ora il terremoto sentito anche a Brindisi!
    Non venire piu’ in Svizzera 🙂

  3. Checco ha detto:

    Vedi, caro, la terra ha tremato perche’ il sottoscritto ha lasciato la Puglia… Piaccio troppo….


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