Butterfly effect

Pubblicato: novembre 2, 2006 da checco76 in Filosofia, Pensieri, Scienza, Societa', Vita Quotidiana
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Dear all! After a very long period of warm temperatures and wonderful days, the Winter has come. As always when it happens, we attend the famous “experts” trying to predict the weather forecast for the next days. They aren’t satisfied to guess if tomorrow it rains or not, they want to go further.

Unfortunately the Atmosphere is a “complex system”, maybe one of the first that has been studied. But what is a “complex system”? In the everyday life we are used to linear “cause and effect ” phenomena; it means that if A is the cause of B, B is generally proportional to A. Well, a complex system doesn’t follow this rule. A infinitesimal cause can generate a very big effect. For this reason it’s used the expression “butterfly effect” (a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause an earthquake in Japan). A system like the Earth’s Atmosphere is definitely a complex system where millions (!) of variables are related to each other by differential equations… I challenge everyone to find out how the weather will be in the next seven days! If You guess, it’s just a matter of luck… If You want to know which dress to wear, just open the windows!!!

  1. Daniele ha detto:

    Amen !


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