Save The BIT!

Pubblicato: novembre 7, 2006 da checco76 in Impegno Civile, Ingegneria, Internet, Scienza, Scuola, Software (Free or not), Tecnologia
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Speaking to a friend of mine, Loranablog tender (, I’ve been told that nowadays in biology when an experiment has to be done, it’s repeated very few times if it involves animals; when plants are used, the experiment can be repeated about ten/twenty times.

Then I started to think about the simulation I did during my thesis job… and I realized that I’ve killed Bilions of poor Bits, that could bring information around the World improving the whole human race’s knowledge. I feel guilty! (Ops… If You have time, read the Shannon’s article about “Information Theory” – It’s quite easy, if You know some math, and very interesting).

Now I repent of it. I know that there are hundreds of organization that are against the exlpoitation of animals or plants… From my point of view is worth to consider also the slaugther of bits! That’s the reason because I’d like to found the S.B.A. (Save the Bits Association).

I’m searching for subscribers!!!

My God! This Flu is stronger than I thought!

  1. Lorenzo ha detto:

    I’ve to correct you, my tenderly tender Checco76 beholder. When you’ve to sacrifice the creature you’re studying on, you can kill hundreds of young tiny seedlings or just a few mices. You have to pool them (plants with plants, animal with animals), and the results you got, for example, on gene expressions from those pools, are inferred to represent the whole population living in that conditions. But, while I can believe to get a general picture of the situation analyzing hundreds of plants, what about those 2-3 mice? Why should I believe that those 3 mice effectively represent something bigger? But the problem is: how many mice can I kill before the lab goes bankrupt?

  2. Checco ha detto:

    You’re finally right! How much big has to be a sample to be representative of a population? This is a statistic problem… Somewhere in my notes there should be something about, unfortunately they are not anymore with me… and the person that has them wouldn’t be happy to speak to me…

    Anyway, You didn’t answer. Do You want to subscribe the SBA? 🙂

  3. Lorenzo ha detto:

    of course! please send me the SBA gadgets (SBA key-chain, SBA pencil and SBA superdoll)!!

  4. Checco ha detto:

    No man, the gadget’s level depends on the donation quantity! 🙂

  5. Daniele ha detto:

    Yes, I want to subscribe too 🙂

    Talking about experiments: I think the number of experiments should not be limited by money. Otherwise the experiments are incomplete. And the hidden side-effects …


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