Life is unfair

Pubblicato: novembre 8, 2006 da checco76 in Uncategorized


This article it’s not about an opinion, but it’s a matter of fact. Life is definitely unfair.

I challange the whole Word to tell me something which is fair over this f…ing planet. Tell me one, I said only one, thing that is fair!!!

Is it possible that people that have suffered go on suffering, while people, that don’t even know what the sufference is, go on smoothly?

That nobody comes to me saying that there’s another life!!!!!!!

Sorry for the personal outlet…

  1. Daniele ha detto:

    No problem.
    Do you remember “The american dream” ?

  2. Lorenzo ha detto:

    ??? The sickness is stronger than what I thought 🙂 Are you crazy? How old are you Checco? Do you really care of suffering people that you don’t know? It is not a rethorical question: if you suffer, go and help them, go suffer with them. If somebody that I don’t know is suffering, my life doesn’t change. “Quando c’ho il mal di stomaco, ce l’ ho io mica te, o no?” What is this populistic post? I hope is just to get contacts 🙂
    Look these 3 categories:

    1) You’re happy, you don’t care of unknwon people, you stay happy
    2) You’re happy, you care for them, you don’t do anything, you are unhappy
    3) You’re happy, you care, you do for them, you’re happy
    4) you’re unhappy, you don’t care for them, you stay unhappy
    5) you’re unhappy, you care for them to feel happy, you’re happy there are so many suffering people

    1) Its’ me, most of the time
    2) is the most stupid position (is it you?)
    3) Gino Strada for example?
    4) many persons that do not get how lucky they are to eat everyday.
    5) many volunteers that couldn’t surivive without the suffering of the others..they live to take care of the others, because their life is empty (and don’t say I am cinic).

    SO PLEASE, switch from position 2 to any of the others.

  3. […] A good friend of mine recently wrote his thoughts about fairness in the World. His conclusion is that nothing is fair in this World, because people who suffer will go on suffering for ever. This statement makes him unhappy. I really do not understand people taking on their shoulders all the pain of this planet. I like to categorize people in 4 groups, depending on their behavior towards “others” suffering: a) you don’t care about unknown people suffering and look only for your happiness and of friends around you b) you care about others suffering but you do nothing to help them practically c) you care and you do c1) you care and you do because you need to help them to give your life a meaning.  I personally agree with group (a), and I am sure they produce positive changes in our World; I am tired of group (b) people: they are masochist; (c) are real human beings but I don’t feel to be strong like them; (c1) better than (b), anyway. Which group does reflect more your attitude on suffering people? […]

  4. Lorenzo ha detto:

    sorry Checco I was too impulsive…don’t be angry with me….pleaaaaaase 🙂

  5. Lorenzo ha detto:

    please forgive meeeeeeee …..

  6. Checco ha detto:

    Ohhh… I was not talking about people taking on their shoulder all the planet’s sorrows. I was referring to very normal situation, like 40 years old people that got an illness that nobody realizes what is. And maybe, this people have children. And, maybe again, this people have had not a wonderful childhood… This normal people, that, unfortunately for them and me, I know! To be honest… I wouldn’t otherwise care…


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