3rd generation and further..

Pubblicato: novembre 12, 2006 da checco76 in Uncategorized


Well… I thought that the UMTS 3rd generation mobile phones were not yet a standard for the market. I was wrong or at least a bit behind. The new frontier of the mobile communication is (at least in Europe) represented by the HDSPA (high-speed downlink packet access).

The main improvement, as far I have understood up to now, corresponds in the “Adptative Modulation and Coding”. The communication starts with a common QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying), if the channel’s SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) gets better then the modulation scheme is switched to a 16-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation). Also the coding scheme changes accordingly to the SNR, decreasing the redundancy as the SNR increases. Last improvement I heard about is that the retransmission of lost packets that is charged to the cell station…

Faster, of course, but which are our real needs? Do we really use the videocall? Do we really want to watch the television on the 2″ mobile phone display? I have an UMTS phone, I’ve tried the videocall only once (the same day I got, for free, my new phone), after that time I haven’t use it anymore. It means that I don’t need it, otherwise I’d have used it all the times I made a call.

Is it possible that more and more is not the need that creates the market, but the market that creates needs?!?!? I really have a difficulties in trying to understand it…

  1. Lorenzo ha detto:

    persino un telefonino della terza generazione potrebbe essere insufficiente per mantenere un’ amicizia….


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