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The Good Example

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Dear Iraqui people,

Here we came to show You what democracy is.


We came to bring You peace.


We came to teach what the human rights are.


We hope You learnt the lesson.



Yawn Vs Sex

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From a recent study by Robert Provine, Maryland University, it comes out that to yawn gives a pleasure that is just a step below orgasm.

From now on, since from the sex point of view things are not going very well, don’t consider me rude if You see me yawning all time!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Dear All,

It has been a very hard year in many senses. From a sentimental point of view it has been a kind of catastrophe (no weeding anymore); last month we’ve lost a person really important for us; the job is going on…

But everything passes (“panta rei” someone said) and the 2006 has not been an exception.

So, since I’m fed up of bad years, this time I wish to You all , but also to my family and to myself, a Merry Christmas and a serene 2007.


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If (because in these cases it’s a must to say “if”) God wants… Tomorrow will be the last working day of the year. I hope that a catastrophe will not occur.

Please, whish me good luck, I really need it!

I’m fed up…

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Dear all,

Today is one of those days You’d prefer to have the flu or headache more than to be at work… Nothing going well and everything looking even worse… At least a funny call at late in the evening can improve the mood.

Something out of topic

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Many times I wondered about the reason because I like almost all the kinds of sport. Maybe this attraction towards sports is due to the thrill, maybe it’s because of the unpredictability of most of the events… Anyway, whenever there is a sport event on TV I watch it with the happiness of all the people around me… 😦

Then I started to think which is the most exciting moment of sport I’ve never seen in my life. Here above there is what I consider the most exciting one…

If You have any other opinion, please, let me know!

It’s never too late

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Augusto Pinochet is dead. 17 years (1973-1990) of terror during his dictatorship in Chile. This man lived for 91 years. More than a thought to his dead, many thoughts to all the people who died for his cause.