To be coherent

Pubblicato: dicembre 3, 2006 da checco76 in Uncategorized


There are things that I will never understand. I don’t know how, for example, people can change their mind in a moment. I’m not saying that someone should keep his mind until death, but whenever I changed my opinion about something it’s always been a suffered decision. It’s hard for me to believe that I considered something right and then to realize that I was wrong or, at least, I had to reconsider my point of view.

I’m a proud person… Sometimes even too much… That’s the reason because it sounds me strange that someone, that until yesterday was acting in a particular way, could suddenly act and think in the opposite direction.

Maybe You are wondering why I’m saying these stuffs. Well the demonstration held in Rome yesterday made this thought come into my mind…

  1. Lorenzo ha detto:

    Who are you speaking about? Yesterday in Rome were fascists, and as fascists were behaving. Nobody changed its mind yesterday. Or did I miss something?

  2. checco76 ha detto:

    Fascists have always been present in Italy (and everywhere else…what about Switzerland?) )and they’ll always be. What I want to highlight is that most of the people in the demonstration were people that have voted for Prodi. Do You remember when Berlusconi won the 2000’s election getting almost the 55%? If You were going around asking if someone voted for him the answer was always the same: No! My point is… Why people after voting for someone is immediately ready to be against him? It’s very hard to meet someone supporting an idea for longer than one month. It’s easier to protest than to support. In Italy this behaviour is more evident than in other places.


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