Welcome 2007

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Dear all,

I’m finally ( sigh 😦 ) back from the Christmas holidays.

First of all let me say thank to Stasia and Lorenzo for their wonderful hospitality and the chance they gave to all of us to partecipate to an international New Year eve party. It really recalled me the Erasmus time in Sweden.

It was really a kind of deja-vu!!! We’ve had a great time over there, where I met a lot of old and new friends!

Of course it’s always nice to go to visit my Switzerland friends, but this time it was even better. In addition I had the chance to know a bit better some of their friends.

To make you understand what kind of event I’m talking about I think it would be better to have a look at these pictures (CAPODANNO 2007)

Everything, anyway, didn’t end up here. After a 7 hours and half travel (mounting and dismounting three times the snowchains) we finally got at Champoluc, where we spent 4 days in company of Micaela, Marco and Francesco.

We had fun, guitars (!), food and ski! For further evidences click here!

  1. Lorana ha detto:

    nice pictures from the Epifania … but I don’t see you skiing!!! Or were you skiing naked?

  2. Lorana ha detto:

    today my father found my link to Il manifesto .. he was shocked.
    I am happy you have it too !

  3. Franco ha detto:

    and we had some grolla too…

  4. Checco76 ha detto:

    Grolla is like the LSD, it opens Your mind!!!

  5. Franco ha detto:

    Grolla is more or less like the ” Calumet of the peace ” smoken by the apache in the tepee…

  6. loranablog ha detto:

    you smoke without me 😦

  7. Cecco ha detto:

    oh my God… grolla…. don’t speak any more about grolla… +O(
    grolla doesn’t exist!!!

  8. checco76 ha detto:

    Still remembering something?!?!?!? 🙂


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