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I’d like to tell You what happened to me on Tuesday night.

I was going to meet for an aperitif a dear friend of mine. The appointment was set at 7.30PM. I left the office at 7.05PM. It was incredible, it took me only 20 minutes to arrive at the place where we were supposed to meet. When I arrived there I thought it would have been very hard to find a park for my car, but I didn’t know that Wednesday (from 00.00AM to 06.00AM) is street washing time (I think that only in Italy it happens, because it easier to clean the street every week than to teach to people not to make them dirty…). I saw there were some cars parked over the sidewalks (Italian style), while the places on the street were available.

So I parked immediately. When I got off my car I realized that a car, parked on the sidewalk, could have some problem in getting down from it due to the presence of my car. Since I’m a good-hearted people, I moved my car without thinking…

I waited for my friend and we spent a very nice evening chatting for hours.

At 11.20PM we went out and… My God! My car was disappeared!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t say what passed through my mind! I thought someone could have stolen my “little, sweet car!”… 😦

Then I realized that 5 meters above the place I parked my car there was a funny sign with a writinng saying “Keep Clear!”. I called the police and I realized that they got it… At least I still had my car.

The day after I organized myself in order to do everything very early in the morning (Alarm clock at 5.45). I payed the fine (102.11€… A lot but, if You make a mistake, it is right to pay!). At 08.00AM I was at the parking place where all the “removed” cars are brought and my car was there! I kissed her (because my car has to be referred to with “her”, not “it”!) .

Wow!!!!!! Everything was ok… I couldn’t believe it… My surprise lasted only for 5 minutes. My rear-view mirror was destroyed… Learnt lesson: Never help someone when he has parked on a sidewalk!!!

  1. Daniele ha detto:

    I’m sorry 😦
    You’ve done the right think when you moved you car to help the car on the sidewalk.
    I would have done the same.
    … next time stay away from the “keep clear” signs 🙂

  2. Lorenzo ha detto:

    ..you told me you bought new glasses..but… 😉


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