Cosi’, pensando…

Pubblicato: febbraio 16, 2008 da checco76 in Uncategorized


Tornato a casa tardi, come oramai accade troppo spesso, mi sono ascoltato questa canzone… cosi’… Perche’ e’ bella…

Buona notte…

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
and think of you
caught up in circles confusion–
is nothing new
Flashback warm nights
almost left behind
suitcases of memories,
time after
sometimes you picture me

I’m walking too far ahead
you’re calling to me, I can’t hear
what you’ve said–
Then you say–go slow–
I fall behind–
the second hand unwinds

if you’re lost you can look–and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you–I’ll be waiting
time after time

after my picture fades and darkness has
turned to gray
watching through windows–you’re wondering
if I’m OK
secrets stolen from deep inside
the drum beats out of time–

if you’re lost…

you said go slow–
I fall behind
the second hand unwinds–

if you’re lost…
…time after time
time after time
time after time
time after time

  1. loranablog ha detto:

    a chi stai pensando? a me?

  2. satrapo ha detto:

    Un tuffo negli anni ’80…


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